Twenty Questions & A Life Update

Well I intended to post this last week on the 1st of May but that didn’t happen. So, a belated Happy May to you!

Another month has come and most of us are still in some version of quarantine. Although my husband and I still have been going to work, the weekends feel empty and so we have been trying to be creative with trying new foods (hopefully making this healthy ramen tonight) and organizing things in our home. Most of the time though, we have been getting as much rest as possible.

On another note, I thought it would be fun to share some facts about me. This is my first time doing a post like this and I hope you like it!

NOTE: I did not come up with these questions I found them on a Pinterest post by 😊


  1. What is your favorite food? Pasta (but honestly, I have so many favorites! I’m a foodie.)
  2. What is your favorite TV Show? This Is Us. The writing, the character development, the humor…it has a reputation for being a show that makes you cry (which it has!) but there are sweet and funny moments too. Beth is my favorite character and Jack is the greatest TV dad of all time.
  3. What is your favorite place you ever traveled? Jamaica!

    In Jamaica when me and my brother were 7 and 4.
  4. What are your current hobbies? Blogging, reading, napping, and baking.
  5. What do you look for in a friend? Shared interests, positivity, and loyalty
  6. What habits do you wish you didn’t have? Falling asleep with my makeup on.
  7. What are you passionate about? My marriage, family, faith, writingCapture+_2018-08-29-06-27-19(1)
  8. Is there a book that has changed your life? The Bible. Also, not sure if I would say “changed my life” but definitely inspired me to move confidently towards my purpose: “More Than Enough” by Elaine Welteroth
  9. Do you have a hidden talent? But, I am double jointed in my left thumb…so that’s like, a hidden fact? *shrugs*
  10. Describe your perfect day: Honestly, something as simple like ordering take out and watching a funny movie with my husband would be a perfect day to me!
  11. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Telekinesis! I always thought it would be cool to move things with the power of my mind like Jean Grey in X-Men.
  12. What makes you laugh the hardest? My husband’s random commentary or reactions to things that is so funny without trying to be funny! Also, my 10-year-old sister’s commentary about life. IMG_03281
  13. Who has influenced your life the most? My parents, my great-grand aunt Mavis, and Jesus!
  14. What is your dream job? A management position in local Government and a professional organizer.
  15. What movie could you watch over and over? Anything Disney! Moana, Coco, Aladdin…I could go on.
  16. What is your Enneagram? I am a One and I relate to the characteristics so much!

    Art by @Mirabellecreations
  17. How many places have you lived? In terms of states just New York and Florida. But actual homes just 5 in 34 years! I really do not like moving.
  18. What was the best concert you’ve ever been to? Elevation Worship. I didn’t want it to end!20190318_203543_HDR
  19. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully have my master’s degree and be a mom.
  20. What is you most treasured personal item? My wedding rings.20191013_163852


I want to see some of your answers in the comments. Do we have anything in common? Are there any favorites of mine that you can’t stand?

I hope you are having a great day wherever you are!

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