10 of My Favorite Snacks

Snacking between meals, are you for or against it? Personally, I am all about it. The benefit to me is that I don’t feel famished in between meals and I am able to be more productive throughout the day. I also am really obsessed with food, so there’s that.

With the wide variety of snack choices, we have available to us, it can be exceedingly difficult deciding which ones to choose. I have been learning a lot about different types of ingredients and that has helped me to understand the value of eating for my health. This not to say I will have never have another brownie or a Cheeto but, as much as possible I want to do the best I can. I don’t believe in calling foods “good” or “bad”. I also do not participate in restrictive diets. These are my personal philosophies that work for me and I feel that we all have to go on our own journey!

I am by no means a nutritional expert; however, these are snacks that I enjoy and that I’ve found have a good nutritional benefit. If you’re looking to dig deeper into the topic of healthy eating, I highly recommend FlavCity on YouTube. They have a lot of information on ingredients in foods, what to buy at the grocery store, recipes, and more. It has been very eye opening to me. One thing I never considered was the different types of oils that are used in processed foods and how some are low quality with little to no nutritional value – like corn or canola oil. But there are also some oils that are high quality with great nutritional value – like extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil.

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Shopping through my links doesn’t cost you anything extra, I may earn a small commission which helps support my blog! If you choose to use my links, I really do appreciate it.

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Here are my 10 favorite healthy snacks:

  1. Cuties – Cuties are tiny mandarins that are sweet and easy to peel. I love to bring these when I am on the go and I also bring them to work. Citrus fruits are a good source of Vitamin C and their scent has been shown to help put you in a positive mood. You can’t beat a multipurpose snack!
  2. Hummus Snack Plate – This is yummy and easy to put together. As the name suggests, you will need hummus and a plate. Then, you add whatever veggies you want to dip in the hummus. For example, I use bell peppers, cucumber, carrots. Pretty much anything that is crunchy and dip able. Look for real ingredients if you’re using store bought like me or, you can make it yourself.
  3. Berries and Yogurt – Berries are another good source of Vitamin C. When I make this snack, I usually use blueberries and raspberries but whatever berry you prefer or have available would be good. I recommend Organic as berries are on the dirty dozen list (more info on that here) but if you can’t get it then don’t feel bad. Since most of the yogurts that have fruit in them already have more added sugar than you need, I prefer to buy the plain version and add my fruits. Stoneyfield makes a good grass-fed organic yogurt if you can find that. If you are dairy free, I hear the brand Lavva is rather good and they use real fruit in their fruit flavored varieties. I’m going to try it since I am personally trying to limit dairy for health reasons.
  4. Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars – I first got into these when I discovered them in a café in the building, I used to work in. Whenever I forgot to bring a snack from home I would go downstairs and get one of these delicious bars. Raspberry is my personal favorite. I will say, these are not completely perfect because they have “natural flavors” and they use canola oil. But in a pinch, it is a better option compared to most grab and go items you might see like chips.
  5. Kettle Brand Himalayan Salt Avocado Oil Potato Chips – Speaking of chips, we all know chips are not the healthiest option. But if you are anything like me, sometimes you just want a potato chip. Like, nothing can really take the place of a good chip am I right? The ingredients in these Kettle Brand chips are simple: potatoes, pink Himalayan salt, and avocado oil. That is it! So first, I would say it is a better choice because it does not have any mystery ingredients and second, the type of oil they are using is avocado which is a good source of healthy fats. This is one of those snacks that I would have in moderation only. But its good to know there is an alternative out there that can make you feel like you are not completely restricted.10 Healthy Snacks
  6. Parmesan Crisps – These are another crunchy option! Which snack team are you on – crunchy, sweet, salty, or savory? Or do you just enjoy all of them like me? Anyway, these are great because most of them have simple ingredients, usually just parmesan cheese or a little salt. They are light and as the name suggest, crispy. I also saw someone recommending crushing these and use them in salad in place of croutons so I cannot wait to try that.
  7. Raw nuts – Nuts are another terrific option for on the go. Although they are not the most exciting food, the nutritional benefits and the fact that its portable is the reason I always try to have some on hand. They provide fiber, protein and so many other benefits (depending on the type of nut). My personal favorites are walnuts, cashews, and peanuts. Healthline has a great article with more facts about nuts that you can read here.
  8. Almond butter toast – I think of it as avocado toasts’ sweet cousin.  As far as the type of bread, I choose sprouted whole grain bread for my toast. I understand many people are eliminating bread and carbs but I don’t think all bread is created equal. Dave’s Killer Bread and Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 are two brands that use quality ingredients. Once you toast your bread, spread almond butter on top then add bananas, chia seeds and honey or agave syrup (last step is optional and use just a *little* bit). The chia seeds were a little unusual to me at first glance but, they are a great source of protein and they don’t really taste like anything so why not add them? You can use whatever nut butter you prefer if almond isn’t your thing. This is a really filling snack and sometimes I’ve even had it as part of my breakfast.
  9. Tuna and Multigrain Crackers – This is something that is light and easy to put together. When it comes to choosing canned tuna, I always opt for the ones packed in water versus packed in oil because I prefer the taste. The way I eat my tuna is to mix it up with black pepper and a little mayonnaise (preferably a mayonnaise that has avocado oil).
  10. Seaweed Snacks – I know, it may sound crazy and I actually did not like them at first. I suppose seaweed snacks are an acquired taste. They are slightly salty but not in an over-powering way. These thin slices of ocean goodness are easy to eat on the go. Personally, I get mine at Aldi, but a lot of grocery stores are starting to carry them now. The health benefits are even better than the taste because they provide protein, fiber, and calcium. The ones from Aldi have 40mg of sodium and the ingredients are decent. They do use lower quality oils; however, they are Non-GMO and expeller pressed so that does help.

I hope this list inspires you to try something new. I am always looking for new recommendations so, let me know what some of your favorite healthy snacks are in the comments. Happy snacking!

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