Six Favorite Podcasts for Women in Business


Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

Gold Digger Podcast – Hosted by friend in my head Jenna Kutcher, Goal Digger Podcast is an essential for women in business. But even if you have no aspirations of starting your own business there is content here for pretty much anyone because she’s discusses confidence, saying no, and motherhood. Jenna’s style makes it easy to understand and her passion and dedication to her craft really shows! Her tagline says she built a six-figure business with a $300 Craigslist camera and hearing that made me think if she could build her dreams with a little then so could I. The biggest thing I’ve taken away from following her online and listening to her has been not being afraid to go after your goals, no matter what you have or don’t. Listen Here: Goal Digger Podcast

Daring Romantics – Daring Romantics by Linsey Eryn is one of the most inspirational podcasts I’ve ever listened to. There’s something about her voice and the confidence in her delivery that makes me believe that everything really is going to be okay. Whether she’s talking about focus, finding your purpose, or owning you who are, her down to earth style draws you in and comforts you. I would recommend signing up for her texts to get affirmations to your phone daily. In my experience they have always been the right words at just the right time like this recent message: “Take a deep breath. Things may not be unfolding in the way you anticipated, but – remember: beautiful things can still happen. This isn’t the end of your story.” Listen Here: The Daring Romantics (also available on Spotify)

Influencer Podcast – When I started my blog I was searching for resources where I could learn how to improve in this influencer landscape on social media. Enter Julie Solomon’s Influencer Podcast. She brings on other women in business who share their success stories. I love to see women highlighting other women! She has proven success in this industry that has also led to her teaching courses, most notably the Pitch It Perfect course that has helped influencers learn how to successfully pitch to brands and land lucrative deals. Listen Here: The Influencer Podcast

Your Career Story – Jena Viviano’s podcast is about all things career. She is a former Wall Streeter turned career coach and her advice has helped transformed many people’s careers. One thing that I really appreciate is that she incorporates her faith into her work. I love the message that the two aren’t mutually exclusive and I admire her for sharing so openly. Recent episodes include “How to Make A Career Pivot” and “The Ultimate Guide to Online Networking”. In addition to her podcast, her LinkedIn page is a great source of information for career topics. She has also hosted a few classes on LinkedIn Learning too! Listen Here: Your Career Story (Also available on Spotify)

RISE Podcast – You know that person in your life who is really tough on you and always pushes you to be your best? That’s what the RISE Podcast feels like to me. Rachel Hollis has built an amazing career for herself, but she is open and transparent that it takes hard work to get there. I enjoy her approach and I find myself always taking notes about something when I listen. This is an older episode from last year but “The Most Important Things I Do Every Year” (it was uploaded as a re-broadcast on December 24, 2019) gave such practical advice about taking an audit of your year to see what works and what didn’t. Listen Here: Rise Podcast

Breakthrough Brand Podcast – This one is a recent favorite, so I’ve only heard a few episodes. I was introduced to the host Elizabeth McCravy podcast from another favorite on this list Jena Viviano. She teaches on topics such as SEO, email lists, and dealing with difficult clients. Every episode is a workshop type format so definitely be prepared to learn something! What draws me in is that Elizabeth is so easy to listen to and authentic so I’m looking forward to listening to her more. Listen Here: Breakthrough Brand Podcast

I hope to be as successful or influential as these ladies someday! Podcasts are a fun and free way to learn about your industry. Let me know your favorite business podcasts in the comments, I’m always looking for something new to listen to.

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